IPC presented a lecture to the communities on the virtues of the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah month
Islam Presentation Committee organized lectures in different languages in its branches and in Masjid AlKabir within its efforts is to teach muslim communities and new muslims, who do not speak English, about the virtues of the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah month. IPC established a series of activities and lectures to renew the concepts of these virtues in every heart and mind.
The General Director of IPC, Ibrahim Khaled AlBader, said that the committee is intensifying its activities during these blessed days. It is investing in this great season pf obedience in strengthening the atmosphere of faith between the muslim communities and the new muslims. Also, he said that the committee presented its activities in both the men and women branches. These activities varied from religious lectures, cultural competitions, and educational lessons in different languages. He mentioned that the committee focused on what must be done in these days. Such as doing more good deeds that include fasting, praying at night, reading the Quran, and giving charity.

AlBader pointed out that the committee in cooperation with the Ministry of Religious Endowments (Ministry of Awqaf) has presented some lectures in Masjid AlKabir, which has received great interactions. AlBader thanked the Ministry for its great support. Calling on everyone to support the committee’s projects to promote the means of advocacy.