Our Slogan

Mercy Upon Mankind... The aim of Islam is to have humanity from straying from the right path, and guid them to the right path; from misery to happiness; from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. With Islam mercy prevails over the whole universe. Together, hand in hand, we can cooperate and do our best to share what Allah (God) gave us with other human beings who may convert from the darkness of the atheism to the light of Islam. For the sake of Allah, His messenger and His religion and to satisfy our Lord Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta'lah). With your valuable help the message will be delivered.

Our Method in "Da'wah"

Allah, all praise is due to Him, says: "You should preach to the righteous path of Allah with the due wisdom and good sayings"

And our Messenger (PBUH) says: "If Allah helped you to guide one man to the right way, i.e. it is better than the most precious things in life".

Our Goals

  • Islam Presentation to known Muslims.
  • Taking care of the new Muslims
  • Teaching Arabic to those who do not speak Arabic
  • Spreading Islamic awareness amongst expatriate Muslim communities and taking care of them

Our Mission

Presenting Islam to non-Muslims and other Muslim communities with decent civilized methods using technology and trying to educate and qualify those Muslims to present Islam in their countries properly

Our Vision 

We would like to be a pioneer committee in the field of presenting Islam and to take care of those who became rightly guided by Islam and other Muslim expatriates both locally and internationally..

Our Values

  • Partnership
  • Wisdom
  • Development familiarity
  • Distinctness

Our Aims

  • To expand the missionary activities to present Islam locally and internationally.
  • Training and qualifying a distinguished generation of preachers from those who became rightly guided by Islam and other Muslim Communities.
  • To adopt distinguished financial admin and training systems.
  • Qualifying Kuwaiti youth to work in "Da'wah" missionary field.

IPC Projects

21,327 KD
28,673 KD
50,000 KD