“IPC” distributed winter clothing to 3,000 people in-need

IPC announced the distribution of winter clothing to 3,000 in-need, simple workers of various professions in Kuwait and of various nationalities.

The Director General of the Committee, Ibrahim Khaled Al-Bader, said that this project is a touch of kindness from the people of Kuwait to express their thanks and appreciation to these workers for the tasks and work they carry out in the service of Kuwait and its people.

Al-Bader mentioned that this year's clothing project, despite its simplicity, left a good impact on the hearts of its beneficiaries, as it conveyed a message of love, respect and appreciation to our guests and development partners, and it also reflects the spirit of solidarity in Islam.

Regarding the components of the clothing for this year, Al-Bader said that it consisted of (a hat, gloves, shawl, ear muffs, and socks), indicating that the largest proportion of its distribution included remote areas such as Wafra, Kebd, and Abdali.

Al-Bader praised the great interaction of benefactors, male and female, with the project, asking Allah Almighty to make everything they provided in the balance of their good deeds.