organized events about hijab

IPC organized several events about the awareness of the virtues of hijab in Islam for it being an identity and a distinctive feature of muslim women.

The director of the women's department in the committee, Najat Al-Taweel, reported that the women's branch of Al-Rawda held many activities to raise awareness of the importance of the Islamic hijab among the new muslim women.

Al-Taweel added that these events also included activities to encourage non-muslim female students to try wearing it while indicating its importance, noting that they admired the experience.

Also, an exhibition was organized containing posters and booklets about the hijab, and a corner was created to try the hijab by non-muslim female students and then give them the hijab.

Concerning the educational activities, she explained that Al-Rawda preachers delivered religious lectures in the classes on the impact of the hijab on women's lives, and on the obligation of Muslim women to strive for everything that pleases Allah, Glory be to Him, and requires them to respect and preserve their dignity.

She mentioned that a visit to the Grand Mosque was also organized for a group of new muslim women who are committed to the hijab, confirming that the hijab is a system and an integrated painting for the best image of women.

Al-Taweel concluded by expressing her thanks to everyone who interacted with these activities, including the organizers, the new muslim women, and non-muslim students, asking Allah Almighty to make the hijab a light for their lives.