The women’s branch in IPC celebrated the graduation of the new muslims
Women’s Affairs Department in IPC had a party for the graduation of the new muslim women who joined the Spring semester courses. Latifah AlSa’ed , the head of school section in IPC said that the new muslim women had done a great job through the courses. They learned the basic concepts that matter to every new muslim women. She added that joining these courses that are provided in different languages is the first step to learning about their religion. It also teaches them some Surahs from the Quran, the biography of the Prophet Mohammad and the Arabic language.
AlSa’ed confirmed that the project “Teach Me About Islam” is one of the most important projects in IPC because it is like a faith nursery for new muslim women. She clarified that the effect of this project does not end just in teaching the new muslim women. This effect extends much further. Those new muslim women become ambassadors of Islam among their communities and country. This is what the committee aspires for through the project. AlSa’ed thanked those who support this project and asks Allah that he rewards them.