“IPC”: A 6-month training program to qualify preachers

“IPC”: A 6-month training program to qualify preachers

IPC announced the start of a training program for its preachers on the use of modern technical programs in presenting dawa and educational materials.

The Director General of IPC, Ibrahim Khaled Al-Bader, said that this program will extend to 6 months, so that a course will be organized every month to learn specific skills needed by preachers to practice dawa and educational activities.

He pointed out that the first session of the course, as it was a distinguished session, in which Dr. Meshari Al-Dulaimi lectured at the Faculty of Sharia, and who started it by appreciating the role of preachers and students.

For his part, Dr. Meshari Al-Dulaimi, Faculty of Sharia, said during the lecture that the aim of the course is to qualify preachers and enable them to adopt technology programs that the world is witnessing its acceleration at all levels and fields, which calls us to invest it to the greatest extent in the dawa field.

He explained that the technical presentations help the preacher and help him to present the dawa and educational materials in an easy and accessible way, and it is not required that the preacher reach the level of professionalism, but what he needs only is the ability to simplify and fulfill the purpose.

He concluded by thanking preachers for their keenness to keep up with technology and invest it in developing their dawa activities, which will have a good impact on serving dawa work.